Thursday, 10 April 2014

RESERVED - LUCKY - Croatia - small 8 month old golden rough coated mixed breed male

This is the story of Lucky, as told by the wonderful volunteers who saved him.

Our phones started ringing like crazy one evening from people alerting us about a dog that was hit by a car and just lying there by the road with an open leg fracture.  Although aware that we do not have an inch of space to accommodate even a stuffed dog our volunteers went to pick him up.  In the bushes by the road they found a skinny, frightened little creature who although obviously in shock from everything that happened to him wagged his tail constantly.

Lucky had lots of luck in all the unlucky chain of the events that happened to him; the injuries inflicted by car were not so severe as we thought they were, all the bones in both of his legs were uninjured and unbroken however the injuries that he had on both of his hind legs appeared to have come from a wire or a rope that at one point tied up his legs – for what ever horrible reason, we can only imagine.

Lucky was temporarily placed in a veterinary practice, Anubis club, whose staff we thank for all the care and love they gave Lucky every day while taking care of his wounds. Lucky is a true cuddle monster and has only one wish - that pretty soon his humans come for him and take him to his forever home.

Lucky is continuing to heal well at the shelter and is a very loving boy, enjoying his time with the volunteers and sharing all the love he has to give with them. But he really does need a forever home now where he can be loved and cherished for the rest of his life, putting all his bad memories behind him .. and making lots of lovely new ones.

More photographs of lucky can be seen in the following album, however we must warn people that there are some photos of his injuries that some may find upsetting.


Name : Lucky
Gender : Male
Breed : Mixed breed
Birthday: August 2013

Weight: 9 kg
Vaccinated / chipped : Yes
Neutered : Soon

Location: local rescue Da Sapu! Vukovar's shelter
Ref: HR-DSV-Lucky-000117