Friday, 25 April 2014

LUNJA - 1 YR OLD - SMALL/MEDIUM Jack Russel Cross - in UK


Lunja was all alone and abandoned after being thrown out.  She was wandering through Vođinci, a village in Slavonia, as were many other dogs. She was coping and surviving on her own, but then she was hit by a car and her right hind leg was badly hurt.  

A helper from the local "9 Lives" rescue organisation found her and took her to the vets.The injury was thought to be a week old and the vet recommended an amputation.

Lunja was cared for in a foster home and saw the vet again some time later so see if the leg could be saved. Amazingly, she uses her leg like it was never broken and the vet who treated her says she is a miracle!!

Lunja is wonderful with cats and friendly with dogs after she knows them, she is initially worried.  When she is walked on the streets she sometimes barks at other dogs but when she sniffs them most of the time she invites them to play.  If she senses that a dog is not friendly she will bark but is getting less wary everyday.  She was a stray since she was a pup and being so small she had to be defensive or she would not have survived.  If other dog attacked her she would run away but feels she has to put on an intimidating front when feeling threatened.  

She shared her foster home with one other female and they adored each other  She loved the cats too.  She would need a bit of time to adapt herself to new dogs but she is not aggressive just scared until she realizes she will  not be harmed. 

Lunja is now in foster in Leicestershire and is a very loving girl. However due to her size and breed she is very boisterous and will need a lot of exercise.

 As she loves to play with other dogs it would be good for her to have a companion or two or in the home, however they need to be younger dogs with equal amounts of energy and who will want to play with her or who will have patience with her if she wants to play and they don't. 

Fully Vaccinated (including anti rabies)
Fully DEFRA compliant
Has full Pet passport