Wednesday, 9 April 2014

LARSON - Croatia - 1 year old cross breed male

Larson is a young lad just over a year old who was abandoned in the town of Ilok, near Vukovar, where he wandered for days alone, scared, hungry and sick.  It could be, as so often happens, that his family had got fed up of him once he had grown from being a cute little pup, or they could have moved and simply left him behind. This also is very common in Croatia, as sad as that sounds and as difficult as it is for us to understand as dog lovers.

Every day his health deteriorated. Life is very hard for any dog on the streets but a  young male is always at risk of being attack3ed by bigger stronger males, usually over food which is very scarce and for them, worth fighting to the death over. It truly is survival of the fittest. And of course Larson had another disadvantage .. he was new to the streets. He had once lived in a home where his food for supplied to him and he was away from the dangers of street life, be it other dogs attacking him, traffic that regularly hits dogs (and often on purpose ) or local people abusing them physically in the most disturbing of ways.

Physically Larson was in very poor condition, but also mentally he was beginning to suffer badly. Living in constant fear and with his energy draining leaving him even more vulnerable, he started to lose interest and trust in the world around him .. even those few kind hearted people who tried to feed him and take as much care of him as they could but sadly had no where safe they could take him.

Eventually a girl who fed him was able to capture him, it had taken her a lot of time and patients to get to the point where he truatsed her enough to do this but she had persevered. She took him  to Vukovar, to the local rescue NGO Da Sapu! Vukovar's shelter.

In an amazing show of strength, both in body and mind, once he was there he started to regain his interest in life very quickly. He was treated for the usual fleas and ticks and for the first time in a long time had regular meals. As he grew stronger physically he also gained confidence and a whole new zest for life. Maybe most amazingly of all though, after a short time of being shown the love and affection he so deserved, he started to trust people again. And, not only did he trust them .. he began to show them true affection .. which of course he delighted in having returned to him ! 

Life in the shelter is much better than on the streets. But, this lovely boy now needs a forever home. He hates being shut in a kennel at night, where he misses all his human friends that he loves to spend time with. Also, the kennels are shared by many dogs, and fights break out .. which brings back horrible memories for this gentle boy. So, what he needs now more than anything is a forever home, full of love and safety .. somewhere he can spend the rest of his life being as happy and loved as he deserves.

Name : Larson a.k.a. Lars
Gender : Male
Breed : crossbreed
Date of birth: January 2013
Weight: 12 kg
Vaccinated / chipped : Yes
Neutered: will be soon
Location: local rescue Da Sapu! Vukovar's shelter
Ref: HR-DSV-Larson-000120