Saturday, 22 June 2013

MELITA 1 year old female possible shepherd mix needing a forever home.

Melita was left on the streets of Vukovar in a crowd of people, no longer wanted. This is often the way in Croatia, dumped for what ever reason, getting old, getting too big, wanting a different dog the list is endless.

Malita just wanted some one to take notice of her, she was wagging her tail trying to get very ones attention, but all they did was shout at her and hit her with their bags or whatever they had in their hand. Then her luck changed she ran into some people that did not ignore her and took her to the kennels. So no more living on the streets, no more having to search for food, fighting off other dogs and away from the dangers of the busy roads.

Melita is a happy little girl who adores human company and the company of other dogs. she is full of life and when her kennel is being cleaned out she loves to jump on the back of the girls cleaning it and be carried around the shelter, she loves to climb and jump so Melita could have the makings of being a good agility dog. Melita just needs that chance to prove herself and be given a loving home, a home with an active family that likes to go on long walks would be ideal for Malita.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
Will be spayed once adopted.
EU passport