Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ben - RESERVED 1 year old Scottland Shepherd Mix - On Death Row

Ben is handsome and kind but has had a life that has made him find it very difficult to understand the language and behaviour of other dogs. From the day he was torn away from his mother he was kept in a yard away from all other dogs and with very little human contact. His life depended on the odd scraps of food thrown to him and a bowl of water rarely filled. His shelter was a box that did not protect him from the heat of the sun, or the cold of the snow.

It would be understandable then, for people to think that the day he was taken to the pound by the dog catchers his luck had changed for the better .. but this is not how life is for a pound dog. because of his behaviour with other dogs Ben is alone in a kennel with food still in short supply and no care or love shown to him. And, most heart breaking of all he is on Death Row.

Freddy's Death Date is 10th August 2013, so we have until 9th to find him a home and get this poor little fella out of that place.

As a charity that helps thousands of animals every year in various ways, we just do not have the resources or foster homes to take all the dogs from death row. All we and our network of rescuers/carers can do is visit the dogs every day, feed them and make sure they are well whilst we try frantically to find each one a home. We get all dogs ready to travel in the hope that they will find homes in time.


The truly amazing thing is that despite all the hardship he has faced, and the way he has been treated by humans he is still willing to trust them. He has a slice of happiness every Saturday when local people come to take him for a walk, and he greets each and every one with a wagging tail. He will be loyal and loving if someone will just give him a chance to show it. But he needs a very special saviour, one who will have the time and patience to help him begin to understand and like his fellow dogs.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport