Saturday, 22 June 2013

OLIVER 1 year old Posavski hound mix male needing a forever home.

This is Oli or Oliver to give him his full title. Wandering the streets for best part of his 1st year on this planet. On an adventure to find an owner, but it was not a good adventure the streets of Vukovar in Croatia are not a safe place for a young boy like Oli to be wandering as he was soon to find out.

In the search for food and companionship Oli decided to cross the road, what Oli did not realise was, that were dangerous machines called cars, trucks, buses on this road and there are many drivers who do not care about animals wandering and will not stop if they see one either. This is what happened to Oli, he was hit by an uncaring driver who never stopped to see if he was ok, alive or dead, he did not care at all.

Oli would have most certainly died had he not been found. He would have been left injured, unable to fend for himself, and if not killed by another car driver he would have been killed by other stray dog searching for food. Luckily for Oli a kind lady picked him up and took him with her and cared for him and nursed him through his injuries and he is now back to full health. Oli is now in a kennel being cared for and looking for a new home. Oli gets on well with people and other dogs and is now in search of a loving home, a home where he can feel safe,secure and loved and not free from a life on the streets. No more fighting for food, facing the threat of being beaten or tortured or killed the next time a car hits him. He is a lovely friendly boy that just wants the chance to be loved and cared for.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport.