Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ROXETTE - 15 months old female - living on the streets in Serbia

Meet the lovely, gentle, placid girl that is Roxette.

She is the sister of Rex, one of our other dogs in an album living on the street. They were both born on 9th May 2013 on the streets. And that is where they still live today. They are fed daily by a kind rescuer who keeps an eye on them on the street but they both do suffer terribly at the hands of local people who like to abuse them almost daily. 

Roxette is smaller than Rex and will be medium sized for the rest of her life. Because she is smaller, she tends to get bullied by all the other dogs on the street. Both Roxette and Rex and Mila, are all living on the same street and in the same rough place where its dangerous for any dog to be, let alone a submissive trusting one. 

Roxette is again very submissive and very trusting and its pure luck really how she hasn't been hit by a car or killed by a local wishing her dead. These dogs really do suffer so much abuse on the streets every single day of their lives.

Please get in touch if you think you could give Roxette a forever loving home. She doesn't ask for much and will make somebody a wonderful companion.

These dogs are urgent cases so if you could kindly share her file too, if often means the dogs get noticed if you can share them, and even ends up in adoptions sometimes. A share can be so very very valuable to these dogs. It can even mean the difference between life and death in some cases too.

DEFRA Compliant for travel
Clinically examined
Vaccinated: yes (inc. Rabies)
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yesRef: Balkan Underdogs