Friday, 22 August 2014

LUCKY - 8 months old crossbreed - in foster in Croatia

Meet little Lucky ... lucky in name, lucky in demeanour

How lucky can a puppy be? You shouldn't ask Lucky that question, because luck is something he only carried in his name. The name was given to him, by a person who abandoned him and left him chained to a bicycle stall in the middle of the night. By his side there was a written note "My name is Lucky, I am 4 months old, please bring me home with you"...

Lucky knew nothing of this horrible situation he was in. He was lucky enough that a person who passed by had warmth in his heart, and carried him to his temporary home. In spite of it all, Lucky knows no negative emotions. He is a happy, cheeky, jumpy young pup. He adores people, and other dogs. He adores dog treats, toys and interactive games. 

Energy is his second name, and he has plenty of it. 
Only thing he misses - is a family, that will allow Lucky to bring the luckiest luck and companionship and warmth, like they never had before, in their house.

DEFRA Compliant for travelClinically examinedVaccinated: yes (inc. Rabies)Neutered: no, due to ageTreated for fleas and worms: yesMicrochipped: yesEU passport: yesRef: NGO 9 Lives