Thursday, 31 July 2014

JOHNY - 10 months old male - In Kennels in UK - Need a short term foster

Johny is a handsome young dog who was running out of time in a kill shelter in Croatia. Stray and abandoned dogs in Croatia are often brutally treated and abused.  A life on the streets is a miserable existence with the danger of starvation, being run down by cars (frequently deliberately), violence at the hands of people or other dogs and and suffering due to disease and lack of treatment but the dog who is picked up and taken to the pound has only 60 days and then by Croatian law they must be killed. 

Johny wasn't coping well with shelter conditions as he was stressed by the small space. He is an active dog, who loves to run and play and seems to have a penchant for water. For him, being caged up in a kennel with too many dogs was a living hell and in addition his health made it even more difficult for him.

Due to injuries sustained in early life Johny has some physical problems. He has a truncated tail and a small but nearly unnoticeable deformation near his hips. He will leap about & crash into things like any young dog, but he gets quite exhausted & holds his paw up, struggling to get comfortable when sitting or lying down.

Johny did get a foster home in the UK however he is very puppy like in his behaviour and very over zealous. He was too much for the other dogs in the foster home and due to his size and high energy the foster carer could no longer keep him there. And so, sadly he has ended up in kennels in the UK. These are of course more comfortable for him than the shelter in Croatia, he has his own space, plenty to eat and drink, and shelter .. however he is suffering there, not able to fully relax and have the full extent of comfort he needs to help his pain.

Johny is going to undergo an operation for his hip and leg problems but needs there to be a space in a foster home close to the vet that will be performing the procedure. We are currently waiting for a foster home to come available in that area but in the meantime need to be able to have him in a warm home environment so he is as comfortable as rested as possible. We are looking at him needing this short term foster for a maximum of 1 month.

Due to his high energy and his lack of manners when it comes to knowing when to stop harassing other dogs in a household, Johnny needs a foster where there are no other dogs or just one dog who is very 'understanding'.

Alternatively he would need a foster where there is a way of keeping him separate from another dog in the household when needed, but in an area where he can still be kept very warm and comfortable. He can be inclined to guard the people he bonds with as well so any visitors to the home would have to be aware of this.

For all the reasons above he needs to be placed where there are no cats, small animals or children and where the foster carer has experience of rescue dogs with high energy and lack of the social skills that often accompany the type of trauma this boy has been through.

Johny has problems physically and with certain aspects of his behaviour, but we also see within him so much love and the potential to be a fantastic addition to a family in the future. We need help though to keep him safe and healthy and happy until he can have his operation.

 Once he has had time to recover from this, the work on his behaviour that has already started (and hopefully will continue in the foster home he goes to) can continue and this lovely boy can, with our help, reach his full potential.

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes

Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Weight: 18 kg
Age: 10 months
Located: Beli Manistir pound