Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ALPHA - 12 month old male white lab cross - UK

This is the handsome Alpha. Alpha was found on the streets of Croatia at the tender age of 3 months, with his mother and siblings .. the likelihood being that his mothers owners didn't get her spayed and then threw her on the streets when they found she was pregnant. This is sadly an all too common story.

Life for any aged dog on the streets is so hard, but for young pups it is hard to describe just how emotionally and physically desperate it is. There is very little shelter but the fact Alpha survived shows that his mothers' instincts to protect gave her every bit of strength she needed to find a safe place for her pups. This isn't just shelter from the elements. On the streets older bigger dogs will kill pups as they are 'competition' for the scraps of food and drops of water, which are far too limited in supply for the number of dogs trying to survive. Also, shelter is needed from local people who attack, physically abuse and cruelly kill street dogs because they don't want them around. In addition some local people will actually kill the dogs just for 'fun'. It is horrifying that this sort of violence is often carried out by groups of children as well as adults.

So, Alpha would have been in hiding, his mother getting whatever food she could to keep herself alive and then feeding them. With so little food however her milk would have had little nutrition and Alpha would have known hunger pains and dehydration for most of the time.

 Luckily this family were found and taken to a local rescue where they had treatment for fleas and ticks and had regular meals, small and regular at first to build them up slowly. Over time they grew in physical strength and started to recover mentally. Luckily, being saved as such a young age their terrifying memories of dogs screaming in pain for being beaten or during fights and their feelings of fear, hunger and desperation faded more quickly than if they had been older and soon Alpha was behaving just as a puppy should .. and he started to show a zest for life again.

A couple of months later Alpha was blessed to have found a new home here in the UK. However, sadly due to circumstances out of anyones control they were unable to keep him and he has returned back to Action Aid for his second chance. He is now in foster waiting for that special family to come and give him the forever home he so desperately needs and deserves.

Alpha is dog and child friendly, yet can get nervous when more than one dog is around, which, considering his past is inevitable as even though the memories will have faded, his natural instinct remains.

He loves his running in a morning and walks later but needs a bit of work on his leader training. His wonderful foster family are working on this with him while he is with them. He is wary of strangers at first but not aggressive. He is just a boy who needs people to understand his insecurities and, if a new person allows him to come to them when he is ready it doesn't take him long to start to trust and accept them. Alpha is very good in a home with other dogs and has no issues with food aggression.

A sad reflection of his past is that Alpha has never even had a chance to learn how to play. He did show the energetic fun loving side a puppy should but tug toys, balls and the usual things that should young dogs all excited are a complete mystery to him. However his foster family are teaching him the joy of this and slowly he is learning what being a happy dog is really all about.

Alpha will make a fantastic companion. For all he has been through is has the kindest of souls and so much love in his heart. He now just needs that special family to come forward and give him a home where he can feel safe, secure and loved for the rest of his days.

Here are some baby pics, when Alpha was just a tiny pup.

How is that for cuteness?

DEFRA Compliant for travel
Clinically examined
Vaccinated: yes (inc. Rabies)

Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes