Saturday, 5 July 2014

Freddy - the most wonderful 1.5 Male Westie cross. Abandoned and left to survive on the cruel streets alone, Saved himself by following his rescuers home

When you look at Freddy and the video above of when he was first found, or rather how he made sure the rescuers found him. You can see clearly he is a wonderful and sweet little lad. This beggars belief to why anyone would want to abandon such a sweet and gentle soul. However, this is a country in Eastern Europe, a country like many others deem animals to be trash. To be used, abused and do what humans want with them.

So what did Freddy do to warrant being thrown into the streets? For the family he was loyal to, he loved and adored to throw him away like rubbish, of no worth, in a country where strays are brutally tortured and killed every single day. Basically nothing, this sweet little dog did nothing wrong. He just happened to be born in a country where thousands of carcasses of strays, butchered, burnt, raped and hung every year.

This comical little chap spied his chance, he saw the rescuers walking along the street after feeding him and his fellow strays, but unlike the others just like Freddy suffering starvation hungrily eating what would be their only meal for days...He was desperate for something else. Something that made him choose to leave his portion of food. For this wonderful little dog, these humans could give him something that meant more to him than food,  they could give him the one thing he desperately wanted and needed. They could give him a home.

Freddy would have done this so many times to other passing humans, but he would have been kicked, beaten and screamed at to go away. So heartbreaking for such a sweet dog. Was it really too much for someone to take him in their arms and give him a home? Sadly yes it was, in this country he simply did not stand a chance that was until that moment when the rescuers who feed the strays turned up.

He took his chance, leaving that food and followed them from street to street refusing to give up. Thankfully for Freddy though these humans though full to capacity with other strays they had rescued, these had access to the internet. A link to organisations and charities that they could call on. They could only take Fredi in if someone somewhere was able to sponsor him and offer him foster or a forever home.

Freddy's little soul must have broken in tow as the rescuers did not pick him up, to him they abandoned him just like all the other humans. But, little did he know that these humans were different to all the others. The next day after these ladies posted an appeal for him on the internet and our charity and others stepped forward to help, these ladies went back to the streets looking for him.

Can you imagine the joy in this little guys heart when instead of walking away from him, these ladies were walking towards him, calling him....and the magical moment when they bent down and picked him up, then put him in a car ...This was the moment his life would change forever.

He is now safe in a private kennels being cared for and visited by his rescuers every day. During his stay he is being fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised, also being made ready to travel to a foster of our charity.

Once in the UK we will be looking for a forever home for him, to give this sweet dog his one wish. What made him chance leaving that meal not knowing if he would eat again for days...We believe it was worth that chance he took...and we also hope that someone out there reading Freddy's story will believe it was a chance him worth taking too and will contact us to adopt this comical little dog, this sweet brave little soul and welcome him into their family.

Freddy is approx 1.5 years of age
Upon arrival in the UK ( in 3 weeks time) he will be

Fully Vaccinated (including anti rabies)
Fully DEFRA compliant
Have full Pet passport

Please, if you can offer this amazing little guy a home, please contact Action Aid for Animals  or contact us via our website