Monday, 28 July 2014

ELECTRA - 15 month old female small cross superb at agility needing a forever home. In foster in Hereford


This loveable and happy girl is Electra.

Electra has the same story as many puppies in Croatia, found abandoned on the streets, with little or no chance of survival. To young to fend for themselves, to compete with older and bigger more street wise dogs in the search for food. not being able to defend themselves from attack from cruel humans or escape the dangers of the busy roads.

Fortunately for Electra she was found and taken in by the local rescue and that is where she stayed until coming to a UK foster.   She has had her tailed docked by some one, so it is possible she did have an owner, who then decided they no longer wanted to keep or she has wandered off and the owner has not bothered to go looking for her.


She is a sweet little girl,  approximate 15 months.  She loves to be the centre of your world with cuddles and lots of strokes. Initially, if in a home with another dog, Electra can be a little 'forceful' trying to get all the attention but pushing other dogs out of the way. However, with time, and firm but fair handling, this soon settles. 

She is good on a lead and loves her walks, however she is still slightly nervous being out and about. This is getting better every day with her foster family working hard to encourage her. When adopted she may still need some work with this but as her feeling of security grows so will her confidence. Electra still needs to learn some manners when food is about but will sit and wait for her titbits if told. 

She doesn't like to be left for long periods and greets you with lots of affection when you return.  She has seen cats and doesn't take a lot of notice.  She has lived with birds in her foster home and is curious but leaves them alone.  Whoever homes this little girl will get a loyal loving sweet puppy who with a little more training will make a perfect addition to any dog free family.

Electra is:
Full Vaccinated ( Inc anti rabies)
Full EU passport
Too young to be spayed at the moment but charity will contribute £25 towards this when she is old enough