Tuesday, 24 June 2014

ADOPTED - Muffin - male, 8 month old Lab/shepherd cross. Foster in UK

This is the lovely Muffin. Muffin spent his first 2 months on the streets. It might be that his mother was a stray, or found herself kicked out when her owners found she was pregnant. It could even be that the mother was kept and Muffin thrown onto the streets alone and helpless. However it happened, there he was, on the street looking weak, tired, thirsty and absolutely terrified. He would have had to forage for every scrap of food and drop of water while avoiding the bigger dogs who would have killed him for everything he found.

Muffin as a little boy
He would have heard the terrifying sounds of dogs fighting sometimes to the death, and soon learnt to hide from local people who beat, kick and even murder stray dogs just because they don't want them around. Every day of his life was spent in fear, hunger and despair. But, somehow this amazing little boy kept going.

His lucky break came when a lovely local lady saw him, at just 2 months old racing down a road, at risk of being killed by a car at any moment. Dogs are killed by cars in their hundreds every day and shockingly these 'hits' aren't always accidental .. much of the time the dogs are hit by cars on purpose, like some sort of sick 'sport'. Despite everything he had suffered something told Muffin this lady was safe to trust as he came to her, shyly and nervously, and let her touch him and fuss him.

He found he really liked this and started to nuzzle her for more. She took him to her home and bathed him and treated him for ticks and fleas and slowly started to build up his food and water to help his body heal. Day by day his confidence grew and he showed what a loving boy he is.

From his time on the street Muffin did have mange, however that has now been treated successfully and he is looking great. His mental scars have healed and he is a very loving and sociable young man, however he is nervous of new people at first so will need time and patience to start becoming confident in a new home. He is also a big lad with still some growing to come, so he will need a family with an active lifestyle and a big garden.

DEFRA Compliant for travel
Clinically examined
Vaccinated: yes (inc. Rabies)
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes