Friday, 29 August 2014

LOLY - 1 year old male crossbreed - on death row in Croatia

This is the handsome Loly.

Loly was found on the streets of Croatia. This is sadly an all too common story. Life for any aged dog on the streets is so hard, but for pups it is hard to describe just how emotionally and physically desperate it is. There is very little shelter but the fact Loly survived shows that he had every bit of strength needed to find a safe place for himself. This isn't just shelter from the elements. On the streets older bigger dogs will kill young dogs as they are 'competition' for the scraps of food and drops of water, which are far too limited in supply for the number of dogs trying to survive. Also, shelter is needed from local people who attack, physically abuse and cruelly kill street dogs because they don't want them around. In addition some local people will actually kill the dogs just for 'fun'. It is horrifying that this sort of violence is often carried out by groups of children as well as adults. So, Loly would have been in hiding most of the time. With so little food Loly would have known hunger pains and dehydration for most of the time.

Loly is now on death row and his euthanasia date is fast appoaching ... the 27th September 2014. All he wants is a family of his own, where he has food and love and a bed he can call his own. Loly is good with children and other dogs.

Stray and abandoned dogs in Croatia are often brutally treated and abused.  A life on the streets is a miserable existence with the danger of starvation, being run down by cars (frequently deliberately), violence at the hands of people or other dogs and and suffering due to disease and lack of treatment but the dog who is picked up and taken to the pound has only 60 days and then by Croatian law they must be killed. 

However, we are fortunate enough in this kill shelter to have a resident vet who is also the manager as part of our network of animal rescuers.  He tries to get the dogs adopted and extends their time to do so but if the local city hall should order him to kill those who have reached their 60 days in the pound the law can't be resisted. This law is not the only danger of death in this pound, overcrowding is sometimes the cause of death and injury due to fights. 

The vet does his best with the limited resources available, local volunteers are recruited to come and walk the dogs on a Saturday afternoon. This is the only time of the week the dogs can leave the pens and there can be long periods when the walks are not possible and due to the ratio of dogs to volunteers some will not get exercised at all. 

These dogs have basic care but they suffer in the pound from stress, boredom, fear and sadness. They are all desperate to get out of their prison and be loved and part of a family.

DEFRA compliant for travel
Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes
Weight: 14 kg
Age: approx. 1 year

Located: Beli Manistir pound