Thursday, 6 March 2014

CRNI - Croatia - year old male Croatian shepherd cross

Crni (his name means the one who is black) is a lovely young dog who was found wandering the streets of Zagreb.  The local NGO got a call about him and were sure he would have a microchip as he was so friendly and cuddly it was impossible for him not to have his own people.

But he did not have a chip, he was just another dog left on the street fighting for his survival, which is really a shame as he is such a lovely dog, not even the harsh life on the street managed to harden him up.

He is a young boy who still pees like a girl so assessed to be around 10 - 12 months old.  He loves playing and is full of energy and really craves human companionship.  He will jump up and down, left and right, all around, and all over you just to get your attention and for you to cuddle or play with him.

Crni is good with other dogs who are respectful.  He is now being accommodated in a kennel where he is playing with all the dogs except aggressive males who would start a fight.

He has not been tested with cats but can be if required. 
He is not house trained and will need work to walk properly on a lead but all in all he is an amazing dog who has already spent too much time forgotten by all just because of his colour.

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes

Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Weight:  roughly 20 kg
Age: 1 year
Located: Zagreb kennels