Monday, 6 January 2014

RESERVED - PIKO - Croatia - year old Croatian Shepherd cross male.

This handsome young man was yet another one dumped by the garbage by a cruel owner. Piko had wire round his neck and paws and was in agony, but he managed to free himself of the wire somehow.  He was left to fend for himself and scavenge for scraps of food.

Piko is now being cared for until that forever home can be found for him but he is in need desperate need as he is losing his foster home.  When he was rescued he was very skinny, starving, and in a lot of pain from the wounds caused by the wire that had been wrapped round his neck and paws, he was also riddled with fleas and ticks. He is now recovered, has turned into a lovely young dog and has impressed his foster carer.

Piko gained confidence and trust in people in his foster home. He loves his foster home and all the other animals in it, and playing with the other dogs.  He has gained weight and thrived, slowly overcoming his bad start and just looking for his forever home now. He has been nicknamed the "dogcat" of the family as he can put one ear up and leave the other one down at the same time. This delightful young man just deserves the chance of his very own forever home.


Fully vaccinated
EU passport