Monday, 1 April 2013

Linda, 12 months old female, retriver cross, needing a forever home

Linda is a 12 months old labrador retriver cross, with a lovely personality. She is very submissive to bigger dogs, but tends to dominate the smaller ones and she likes cats. 

Linda is desperate for human touch and enjoys every word of reward. Because she grew up in foster care, Linda missed human presence, so, in her forever home, she needs and looks for lots of attention, at least in the first month until she settles in. She has strong potential to become a wonderful dog, but for the moment, she is just a rough diamond waiting for the right jeweler.

Linda is perfectly healthy, neutered, is not moody with food and has no special needs. She weights 13 kg and is a small to medium sized dog.

She defends her territory and barks strongly when strangers approach, but does not attack or bite humans. She stops barking when she is petted and talked at.

But, Linda is a chewer (especially wood and rubber). We suspect she chews things because of the lack of attention, as a method to calm herself and reduce the anxiety caused by constant human presence. 

She is not leash trained and she tends to dig holes in the lawn. 

Still, after living a week with a different foster, that had the necessary time to educate her, she responded well to the commands and seems willing to learn.

Watch videos:
Linda interacting/playing with other dogs:
Linda and the cat: