Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hannah - 1.5 Gentle and Sweet Female Lab Cross - In desperate need of a forever home.

Hannah is a 1.5 year old female cross who had the worst start in life, born in a country where strays are viewed as vermin to catch, kill and torture.  

Her mother Meda was found in a field terrified of humans after being beaten and abused so many times, but heavily pregnant meant she had to visit areas with humans just to try and feed herself during the pregnancy. 
Thankfully Hannah's mother was found just before she gave birth, and taken into foster. Unfortunately though now rescued the physcial cruelty she suffered before she was rescued meant that 3 of her 5 pups were still born. 

Hannah and her sister Aura survived and until Aura found a home a little while ago they all lived with their mother in foster. 

She is a very delicate beautiful girl, tranquil and loving. She needs a lot of love and fusses and adores human company.

She gets along very well with other dogs, has never shown an signs of aggression   A truly gentle, quiet little princess who deserves so much more than to be in foster for her whole life. 

Hannah is:
Fully vaccinated
HAs Full EU Pet Passpot

If you could offer this incredible sweet dog a home, contact our charity as soon as possible.

 Carer : proterra